As a socially responsible company, REN promotes environmental responsibility
and the conservation of nature. Biodiversity is therefore one of the most
important values to REN in the assessment of the impact of its infrastructures
on the environment. A clear example of this is in the construction of very
high voltage lines where REN takes every care to minimize impact on bird
life. We regularly install bird anti-collision devices and platforms for nesting in
appropriate places.

With regard to nature conservation, REN actively defends the preservation of
our forests by cleaning the security corridors for its lines and by participating in
civil society awareness programmes such as the Eco Movement. Also in this field,
through a reforestation programme, REN has planted more than 420 000 trees in
recent years and our target is to reach 875 000 before 2017.

REN places clear emphasis on good relations with local communities and
partners and as such, regularly promotes initiatives with such communities
for balanced intervention in territory management. As a clear reflection of our
commitment in this area, REN is among the companies which best provide
information on company policies and activity with regard to climate change. Our
pioneering role has been recognized with through the Regional Award from the
International Association for Impact Assessment - IAIA, an organization which
promotes best environmental practices in 120 countries around the world.

As an ethically and socially responsible company, REN was internationally
recognized as Best Corporate Citizen. REN is thus among the companies which
best comply with recommendations on corporate governance and in 2013 we were
once again given a AAA ranking corporate governance, in a study carried out by
the Catholic University. REN is a founding member of the GestaoTransparente.
org project, which seeks to raise awareness in corporate circles and civil society
to the problems associated with corruption. It also highlights the advantages of
prior identification of risks and implementation of policies and internal and external
actions to promote transparency and fight corruption.

The development of involved communities and the preservation of historic and
cultural heritage is one of REN’s top priorities. We support entrepreneurship and
socially relevant projects for effective sustainable development.

The sustainable management of human resources is of the utmost importance
to REN and a balance between the sexes is an ever more realistic target. The
company training policy is also directed at the organizational and individual
development of employees. 41 225 training hours were given in 2013, along with
internal training programmes and financial support for external training.
Participation by REN employees in voluntary individual and corporate
initiatives is also promoted. The aim is to develop solidarity and work for the
benefit of the community. A specific programme has been set up for this
purpose, the Share Programme.

REN places its research knowledge at the service of balanced development. In
2013, it was among the top 100 Portuguese companies in terms of investment
in R&D. With State Grid Corporation of China, REN set up a Research and
Development Centre: R&D Nester, which places Portugal at the centre
of international research. This programme involves the best national and
international universities. Also of note are our ties with the Lisbon MB A, where
REN is a founding member, and the REN Award, which for the last 18 years has
recognized the best Master’s theses in the field of energy.