REN periodically identifies and assesses its relevant stakeholders, in accordance
with the principles of standard AA1000APS - 2008.

In 2011, stakeholders’ mapping was reviewed and stakeholders were consulted
to reassess issues that are materially relevant for REN. This process, which takes
place cyclically every three years on average, aims to improve the integration of
different aspects of sustainability in the company’s business processes.

The identification and prioritisation of the main stakeholders in REN have
considered the binomial effect of each group of stakeholders in REN’s decision
making process versus REN’s impact on the activity and performance of the
respective group.

Within the scope of the new sustainability strategy, started in 2013, REN
interested parties are being sounded out to update mapping and identify relevant
topics. For detailed information on the most recent review process please consult
REN’s website 3.

It is also important to note that REN regularly evaluates the quality perception
and level of satisfaction of its clients, understood to be the users of its
infrastructure or customers of the services it provides in the electricity and
natural gas sectors. To this end, it conducts studies in compliance with the
European Customer Satisfaction Index (ECSI) methodologies. The results of the
latest study are available on REN’s website 4.

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