The sustainability information contained in this annual report refers to 2013
and encompasses the activities of the companies of the REN Group viz. Rede
Eléctrica Nacional S.A., REN Gasodutos S.A., REN Armazenagem S.A.,
REN Atlântico S.A., REN Trading S.A., REN Serviços S.A., REN TELECOM S.A.
and Enondas S.A..

This report was prepared in compliance with the third version of the Global
Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines, based on the protocols for general indicators
and on the sectoral supplement for the electricity sector, having adopted and
fully responded to the requirements corresponding to the A+ level of application
of the GRI.

  C C+ B B+ A A+
verification by external entity            

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REN respects the commitment arising from having joined, in 2005, the United
Nations Global Compact (UNGC) initiative to provide information on its progress
in implementing the ten principles regarding human rights, employment
protection, environmental protection and anti-corruption measures. Further
information on this initiative can be consulted on the REN website 1.

The annex contains a table showing the correspondence between the contents
of this report and the GRI and UNGC guidelines.

This document was verified by an external independent entity,
PricewaterhouseCoopers & Associados - Sociedade de Revisores Oficiais de
Contas, Lda (PwC SROC), according to the principles of standard ISAE 3000
(International Standard on Assurance Engagements), likewise considering the
principles of standard AA1000AS (AccountAbility Assurance Standard - 2008),
and the GRI and AA1000APS (AccountAbility Principles Standard - 2008)

AA1000APS AccountAbility Principles Standard (2008)

The application of the principles of standard AA1000APS, which are
summarized below, was also reflected in the strategic drivers and in the
contents of this report.

  • Inclusion (participation of stakeholders in the development and implementation of the sustainability strategy): methodologies and processes for involvement and participation of various stakeholders were defined, as described in chapter 3 ‘Dialogue with stakeholders’. The results were incorporated in the review of REN’s Sustainability Strategy, a fact also mentioned in the abovementioned chapter.
  • Relevance (definition of the relevant issues for REN and its stakeholders): in order to identify relevant topics, a benchmark analysis of leading companies and the main industry trends in the sector was carried out, while the results of stakeholder consultations held in 2011 were also considered, as described in chapter 3 ‘Dialogue with stakeholders’ of the 2011 Annual Report and Accounts.
  • Response (REN’s response to relevant issues, through its decisions, actions, performance and communication): REN seeks to meet the expectations and concerns raised specifically by each stakeholder, either individually or globally. Overall, this report and the REN website are the main forms of communication used to disseminate the company’s strategy, initiatives and performance achieved.

1 See REN>Sustainability>REN Approach Social Responsibility Policy Declaration at