In 2013, REN continued with the implementation of the development and
investment plan in the National Transmission Network, in the Underground
Storage Infrastructures and in the LNG Terminals (RNTIA T). This plan,
which includes development and expansion projects, internal reinforcement
and revamping investment and connection to the RNDGN and customers,
represented an investment in 2013 in natural gas infrastructures of 36.8 million
euros, with the respective asset value under operation totalling 42.5 million euros.

REN Gasodutos

As part of the expansion of the RNTGN, REN Gasodutos put the Mangualde-
Celorico-Guarda gas pipeline into operation, running for almost 76km and closing
the loop between lots 5 (Monforte/Guarda) and 6 (Cantanhede/Mangualde),
thereby increasing the safety of supply and making possible a future third
interconnection of the RNTGN with Spain.

Along with the pipeline, four new stations also came into operation at Arcozelo,
Soeiro do Chão, Celorico da Beira and Avelãs de Ambom. This project was eligible
under the European Energy Programme for Recovery (EEPR) criteria.

As a continuation of the investment project started in 2012 to carry out a
technological upgrade of the SCADA VS750 to SCADA VSICS, activities relating
to the testing phase were carried out throughout 2013, along with interfaces with
downstream systems and end user training. The new system officially came
into operation on 16th December 2013.

The evolution of the new SCADA system will safeguard the continuation of
supervision, control and data acquisition, supported by modern, user friendly
technology, and making the evolution of both NG transmission procedures and
related technologies (technological compatibility) a possibility.

REN Armazenagem

In 2013, REN Armazenagem developed a set of investments with a view to
ensuring security of supply and the availability of natural gas storage capacity
level. This included:

  • Continuation of construction of cavity RENC-6, which underwent leaching operations throughout 2013. An accumulated volume of approximately 467 000 m3 was reached. The estimated volume will be around 530 000 m3, in 2014, upon completion of the work
  • A s a result of the environmental impact study and the base engineering project for cavity RENC-8, that gave rise to the licensing process submitted to the DGED in June 2012, the Environment Impact Statement (DIA ) was issued in March 2013
  • The installation of variable speed drives in the electric motors belonging to the high voltage pump system at the leaching plant, in line with the recommendations made by the energy audit carried out under Decree-Law 71/2008 Management System of Intensive Energy Consumption (SGCIE), with the aim of reducing specific energy consumption, and which the company has adopted in its energy efficiency plans
  • In line with the actions recommended under the certification of the safety management system for the prevention of serious accidents, the fire suppression system (RIA ) was upgraded at the gas station through the installation of water cannon. Improvement of the gas station’s command and control and emergency systems for integration with the TCG-2 cavern operated by Transgás Armazenagem.

REN Atlântico

In 2013, only minor investment projects were carried out.